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Atina Arts exploded into the public eye through their sell-out 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, ‘Being Frank about Sinatra!!’

Using some of Sinatra’s fabulous back catalogue and using some of his actual true-life events, this docu-musical is simply a story of a man with associations with the mafia!!

Atina Arts objectives are to advance the education and entertain audiences using musical, dramatic and real-life events.

Atina Arts is committed to producing ensemble work with a special commitment to accessibility, entertainment and innovation.

They are also committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all. The policy is to make sure that not one person involved or associated with Atina Arts receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of their religious belief, race, disability, gender (including gender reassignment), marital/civil partnership status, having dependants, sexual orientation and age.


Kingdom Theatre Company was formed in 2012 with charitable aims in arts and culture becoming a registered charity in Scotland in 2017 

The Object of the Organisation is to create, develop, promote and manage a range of public theatrical projects in Fife and UK while declaring that the Object will be pursued on the basis of equal opportunities for all for the advancement of the arts. 

The organisation aims to be synonymous with quality, integrity, reliability and professionalism while encouraging new writing and talent and providing training in the pursuance of these objects. We provide training for young people in lighting, sound production, event planning and performance.  Training is free and all trustee members donate their time for free.

Kingdom Theatre is committed to producing ensemble work across Scotland in a variety of spaces and locations, with a special commitment to accessibility, entertainment and innovation.

John Murray Disco roadshow

The best disco in Fife with a top DJ (so they say!!!), and the best mobile disco for  weddings, birthday's, children's parties, fancy dress parties, school prom's, charity/fundraiser disco, fund raiser, celebration's, anniversary's or works night out.

We can advise on venues and have associations with experts for free advice. A new service for this year as we offer an independent personal honeymoon consultant who can offer you deals directly surrounding your wedding day - this service is also free to all who book (or enquire). with us.

Not only can we find you a venue, but we can also provide catering, balloons, product launch, live band, catwalk, corporate, radio, press, PR, marketing and more with a proven record.

Who would have thought it but weddings are the most popular events for our disco functions these days and that is why we are good at what we do and unlike many others, we very much offer the personal service. 

We advise to meet and greet beforehand enabling us to get to know you better for your special day allowing us to offer a real celebration party with music for all ages guaranteed.

We can also provide background music to welcome your guests, your choice of first dance and even ambient music during the evening buffet.  We provide the presentation, announcements, public address sound system and discreet lighting to create the atmosphere.

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